Gaston Lagaffe Real Movie – First Time


To the followers of Gaston Lagaffe cartoons and comics it is time to see Gaston Lagaffe movie in English version but for now since this cartoon character is now celebrating its 60 years making readers laugh and giving daily gag to followers. After 60 years, it is a great thing that this popular Gaston Lagaffe’s development can be made known to this 21st century. Thanks to the development of Internet and social site, people can easily explore new things or innovative progression on movie entertainment.

GASTON LAGAFFE comedy movie of 2018

Gaston Lagaffe probably in the future will go global because of the Internet and the crowds which can be easily reach by just a short period of time. And with this movie makers can create diverse ways to develop their films to fit to the taste of movie entertainment. Actually the movie mainly for the fans of the cartoon character in France and Belgium and other neighboring countries. Nonetheless since there are fans of who are following this cartoon character all over the world, well thanks to the Internet the incoming movie Gaston Lagaffe they can still watch the movie even online even if they can’t go the theater.

It is a great development for a popular cartoon character to have a real movie in the cinema. This is because of public demand Gaston Lagaffe will come in April 4 to our theater to give us entertainment and fun. Furthermore, if you observe in the movie trailer there are animals that are presents, I think this is basic concept in the movie and cartoons by which entice animal lovers to watch the movie. Of course they would love to blend comedy and the presence of animals in the scene. Naturally, cat is obviously there, because Gaston love cats and by the way this cat is doing some chaos in the office.

Following the plot in the cartoons and comics, they should give fans and audiences stories expectation more than they anticipate. Being Gaston Lagaffe from cartoons to real movie requires a lot of work and practice, for we all know that Gaston can be doing his chores in the office but if it does not work there will be trouble presence and for your information he will continue to work together. The story of Gaston Lagaffe it is like foods in the restaurant which are serve in different dishes and serve in different taste. Some of them you like, some of it are just decorations to make it very appealing to your eyes and some of it will surprise.

Nonetheless Gaston Lagaffe, his service and skills may not be very appealing to his colleague; he will have to stay there to bring fun and laughter to fans. In all honesty, the reason this cartoon character is very popular because of its fluid concept and there are thoughts of it that even daily living and work of the people should be given some life sauce from the humor of Gaston Lagaffe scene.

Another thing the movie will also bring in the wardrobe style from the cartoons of the character. I don’t know if they would give them one dress color and outfit until the movie ends. Considering they need to follow what is in the book. Movie maker of this character, I guess consider the outcome and impression about the movie, because in the comics and cartoons shows Gaston will have only one attire along with the dress of his colleague. This is just normal because it would take forever to give them dress in different colors and style and making it is totally chaos for the writer, cartoonist and the layout. So let us see if there will be transition in the Gaston Lagaffe the movie.

If you seen Garfield the movie, it is a lot different then, because Garfield in the move shows only one color of his fur and the expression of the face of the cat was perfectly copied from the cartoons but aside from that the different story or one plot was followed by the movie. However for Gaston Lagaffe, the actor Theo Fernandez should act according to the body posture, gesture, and wit of the character.

This kind of movie which are derive from the concept of cartoons is not really very easy, they need to arrange, take a shot, check and finalize if it passes the standard of their project. It will take a time to make the movie; nonetheless since it will be available this April 4, I believe the movie is ready for our entertainment. There is only one thing we cannot anticipate is the story, since we can now predict the style, preparation and the ending but the story it would take a genius movie maker to bring this cartoon Gaston Lagaffe to a real movie.

You just have to imagine that a brilliant Gaston, who works in an office that don’t care what will be the outcome of his action and the help he can give to his colleagues. To add to that because he is good at any machine, you will see him driving an old school car which he put up with jet pack to make the car run faster and lastly Gaston would be seen flying on the air with rockets on his backpack. A totally adventure for him but I don’t know if it really good to his officemate. One thing is certain the movie is great and can make your day wonderful.

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