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It helps dyslexics, dyslexia is a widely used name for disorders involve trouble reading writing memory detainment and general brain functionality dyslexia is much more common than most would think with approximately ten percent of the population having some form of it of course. The severity of dyslexia is different for everyone with some common symptoms including difficulty spelling difficulty understanding punctuation difficulty understanding audio and visual cues dyslexia is commonly treated through long hours of practice with reading writing or speech there and just to keep in mind these lessons aren’t cheap.



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Usually costing parents thousands of dollars a year but recent studies show that there may be a better cheaper and more enjoyable way of treating it recent studies have actually shown the games particularly action games have helped dyslexic children react quicker to audio and visual stimulation.
And skyrocketed reading rates in a test performed Alex for the University dyslexic children are recently played an action game had a quicker response time reading rate and we’re more attentive in class the best runner video games for dyslexics are active games like WII sports.  Games like Scrabble and pretty much any action game that requires quick thinking number nine distraction school got you down and parents fighting trouble with siblings have you recently read the communist manifesto and are now too depressed about the inequality of capitalism function. No problem video games are here for you why were able to school work when you can worry about the political fate of Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia or the ethics of synthetic humans and follow force Commonwealth or the fate of tubs arteries in neck.

Soon I mean like seriously it’s probably on the verge of stroke by now jokes aside video games providing excellent distraction from life events and like any other distraction video games have been found to reduce stress. And if you ever get around to putting them down boost productivity in creative thinking puzzle and strategy games have proven the top the list and distractibility but oddly enough they also topped the list in terms of addictiveness. So play but don’t play too much the best runners for distracting our puzzle games that can you crash strategy games like civilization and mind-numbing games like liquor heroes.

The sociability don’t misinterpret this one you know we’re not in any way saying spending eight hours a day in front of a computer screen playing video games while making social in fact current cultural evidence proving excessively playing video games is detrimental to real-world social interactions. But at the same time not saying the video games will completely robbed you of social interaction either like any hobby video games provide a new source of social opportunities. Like the game clubs land parties online play and of course long arguments over your favorite characters but consists of social interaction is up to you some would say being social means going out with friends to movies or parts but others could defend the online gaming friendships are just as important and.  No we’re not talking about some dating simulator and on the Xbox dashboard the only difference is how you think about it besides which is better going up to a club and buying $14 shots or staying home blasting zombies with friends either way some great co-op games are at the Saints Row serious GTA series Borderlands 2 or pretty much any FPS MMO that you like.


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It teaches about consequences have you ever played a game and come to a tough choice do I save NPC a or MPC B side with the Stormcloaks for the Imperials. Do I choose the cholesterol filled bacon omelet or the high Carb Belgian waffle? Regardless of the players morals political ideology or even the situation actions have consequences for children this isn’t always quite office how do you teach a child consequences well the obvious choices to take them into the room and just be the show. I mean have a stern conversation I no wrongdoing and then send them to the room or in favor of that consider the effect that choice in video games. Have on developing or even fully developed minds video games that incorporate choices are usually set up with lovable characters and harsh settings choices can be as simple as a progression of conversation. What weapon you grab or even as hard as choosing who lives and who dies no matter the severity of the choice they’re always unfavorable outcomes just had to say that snarky remark about the waitresses.

More well now you’ve missed out on important information that you would have me to say father now we said in the Communist substance plunge the world into chaos. The joke was pretty funny wasn’t it some good games for learning about consequences are the Mass Effect series like the strange and pretty much anything by Telltale Games.  Sense teaches problem solving skills and gaming it’s not too uncommon for players to come to a problem which the player my soul this could be as simple as figuring out how to unlock a door reaching a door or even to feeding a difficult boss.

Either way most problems will involve the player having to use their brain or something or another problems like he’s actually have proven have real-life effects you know how going back and be playing game usually makes it easier.  That’s because you have already solved every problem there is to solve you already know the answers these skills translate into real life – as evidence by study conducted by Florida State University in the study test subjects. Who are more prone to playing video games displayed an attention span and significantly improved problem solving skills video games provide challenging problems player who must quickly discover adapt and improve their skills. As they progress in layman’s terms video games train our brain by steadily increasing the difficulty which in turn encourages players to solve problems quicker and increasingly unique ways the best honors for training your problem solving skills are FPS is like Call of Duty. Puzzle games like Tetris and strategy games like civilization number five determination skipping over the undertake joke video games are one of the best sources of determination students feel determined to do good in school because they want good grades workers feel determined to work because they want a promotion.  Gamers feel determined to be a game because well they want to it’s just the principle head that’s it they can put down the game grab another one never looked back and nothing would have changed there is no reason for them to be determined but they don’t start angry commenting just yet.

We don’t mean that there’s no point playing video games were just saying that all in all being determined to be a difficult boss or level isn’t back by any form of obligation it is truly pure determination of play determination to finish determination to stand up and both the edicts this battletoads.  Nobody beats battletoads usually determination for one pass can be easily transferred to another task like school work or their jobs. Well that is if they ever get around to put in the controller down anyway some good games I’ll keep you determined our Undertale battletoads ghosts and goblins and of course dark souls number four word learning culture / history what video games educational yep and enriching the majority of games are seven worlds other than our own there are a fair.

There are seven key store parts of our own world’s history and while they may not follow our timeline to a team they are usually still fully packed with historical content and fax a prime example of this is the assassins creed series in which the player travels to various time periods through the memories of his ancestors well that’s not exactly right but for our purposes it’s close enough series has long been credited for the historical accuracy. And immersion well for the most part they’ve been a little spotty on bias and not any more than American history. So was good anyway the game seek to immerse players in the designated time and are actually fairly good at working historical facts into the game though players really realizing it some gaming magazines have actually gone as far to say that’s an excellent game to play.

Before history test to refresh your memory of course there are many other games to teach history besides Assassin’s Creed like the Total War series and civilization series. Button sits case only the wonders themselves are historically accurate saying the Queen Elizabeth built the pyramids in 1952 and the Egyptians built everything else in less than a thousand years will not get you a passing grade.

No disappointment you ever lost the game baseball or any other game which involves a winner and a loser you probably know the feeling that losing really sucks not only is it disappointing it’s discouraging to say the least sports site the competitive edge sites that competitors who repeatedly lose competitions are three times more likely to never play in those competitions again. This makes sense is after months of training and practicing leads two nothing but disappointment it’s all but two easy to just throw in the towel and stop playing video games provide an excellent source of competition.

It much disappointment in real life you’ll train for months and prospect of a game but in video games like Call of Duty you learn by playing practicing competing can score the highest in the game no problem you can try again. In two minutes while the server changes lobbies the fact that more and more games are always available immediately actually finish provides the perfect competitive experience had no real disappointment factor.  Some great series with quick competitive matches are battlefield call the duty and of course halo. It has a confidence-boosting games have been proven to boost confidence and to decrease confidence and to do really nothing at all in relation of confidence he’ll researching pretty much anything related to live video games are good for you leads to nothing about contradictions.

It somehow repeals and angry forum posts luckily it’s fairly easy to pinpoint the effects of video games on confidence by just using it out of common sense liking the video parent effects of video games Barry’s heavily based on for example sports heavily rely on physical strength. But well I guess the sport – and unless you count the muscles need to lift the chest piece you really don’t need much strength but likewise playing single player games like solitaire won’t boost your confidence. Just as building games like Minecraft won’t help you build two halves what has been proven to boost confidence is multiplayer games like World of Warcraft,  counter-strike and even god damn competitive tic-tac-toe with teamspeak what matters is human interaction.

You’ve probably experienced some form of confidence boosting were playing online you hop into a game text chats going nuts people are screaming at each other and voice chat you just stay silent but eventually start using the voice chat or text chat slowly ease into being social. And interacting and there you go you build confidence don’t really need to suggest in game series play something fun that will get you talking to strangers number one this reaction time probably one of the most cited benefits of gaming. The link between reaction time in video games has long since been proven and it’s been proven for a reason it’s completely logical reaction time is a skill probably one of the most important skills for a hammer to have a trademark ability of professional players.

Who need instantaneous reaction times in order to properly react enemy movements and strategy according to government documents from the NCBI yep that’s the national center for biotech information training your reaction time by playing video games and high speed up yes games causes reaction speeds – absolutely skyrocketed and with virtually no loss of accuracy ever wondered why experienced players are better than newbies. It’s a mix of strategy in game knowledge and the ability to react quickly and accurately strategy and memorization of the maps and cold he won’t help you outside of the game faster reaction times are beneficial sports work and even conversation some series that will definitely increase your reaction time or any FPS game like counter-strike call duty difficult skill intensive games like dark souls or blood-borne even simple games like Tetris and snake.

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