Reason Tipping Is Not Advantage For Service Provider


Right now you probably hate me for even daring to question the custom of tipping, yeah but why? Bear with me I think you’ll agree that tipping is a custom we’d be better off without. I’ll go here with your family here. first let’s get one thing straight if you live in America you have to tip. Servers here rely on tipping to make a living and as long as that’s true if you don’t do it you’re an asshole but just because that the system we have doesn’t mean it’s a good system and tipping is a custom that short change servers inconvenience as customers and makes the dining experience worse for everyone.

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First ask yourself this why is it our responsibility to pay the restaurants employees humanely. Why don’t we just pay you a normal amount of money and make the food more expensive I mean that’s what every business is done since the dawn of time. When you buy a pair of jeans they’re just 50 bucks they’re not like that’ll be forty dollars and you decided the stock boy eats tonight.

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The fact is tipping is a relatively new custom in America for most of our history paying for better service was considered an undemocratic form of bribery. Serve me before this rabble will you I’m a very wealthy man I shall sir. This is America where every man has the right to decent service but after prohibition banned the sale of alcohol restaurant profits cater and owners began encouraging tipping just so they could pay their servers less.

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Nearly a century later restaurant owners still pay their servers less than minimum weight turning what used to be a bride into an obligation that makes the end of every meal suck. Unless your idea of a good time is doing math and being lectured by your friends twenty percent of 138 is the same as double ten percent which. Obviously you’ve never worked in the service industry I always tip at least 60 because I care whether or not our waitress starve to  death. If I give better service I get a bigger tip actually you don’t a study at Cornell University found that the real reasons people to more or less are basically random and that customers to receive great service tip on average just one percent more than customers who don’t. None of this stress is necessary in most cultures nobody tips and everyone still gets their food on time. The only difference is they’re winners get a steady income and no one has to argue about the bill and don’t tip on the tax what you always did want to tax I never give up on the tax. Ever since I was a kid I never tip on the tax.



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