History of Purebred Dog or Just A Common Dog


Our so-called purebred dogs riddled with genetic disease but dog breeds aren’t even a real thing. We made them up, we talked about dog breeds as though nature created them that way and as though mutt is a just a mix of different pure breeds.
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In fact mutts or dogs in their natural healthy states and pure breeding is a form of genetic manipulation humans made up just to amuse ourselves. Outside of a few traditional working dogs ninety percent of all dog breeds were created in just the last 100 years. In 19th century Victoria in England eugenics was all the rage and competitive dog breeding became a fad among the wealthy.  After these dr. Frankenstein’s and played God for a while they declare their weird little monster in pure breed and that’s all of purebred dog is it’s totally arbitrary. We have a pure breed that that means like a good healthy dog?

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When you hear purebred you should thank in-bred. Kennel club’s prohibit purebred dogs from ever meeting outside their breed and often make them with their own parents and siblings. One study found that 10,000 pugs have the same genetic diversity as 50 individuals making it as in-breed as an Austrian Duke. All of this in breeding means that the average purebred dog is sicker than well the dog. Sixty percent of golden retrievers died of cancer, a third of King Charles Spaniels have skulls that are too small for their brains. Great Danes are so huge that their hearts can support their bodies and well and this little tiny dogs.

Have you ever seen a little tiny dog that looked happy they know there’s something wrong with them and they know that we did it to them and now we come to the bulldog. He is so cute, yeah he is if you find total genetic failure cute, a hundred years ago the Bulldog was a proud breed but a century of inbreeding has ruined them their noses are so squashed that can barely breathe their heads are so big they can only give birth by cesarean section. Their tails can become ingrown they basically all have hip dysplasia and their average life expectancy is six years.

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Let’s face it these dogs shouldn’t even be alive the sad part is kennel club’s could cure all of the Bulldogs problems if they just allowed them to crossbreed but they won’t because then they might not look like the cute little Bulldogs everyone loves but our insistence that these dogs live up to our arbitrary standards is causing them to get sick and die.

As much as you love the Bulldog the fact that it exists at all is borderline animal abuse. Look there’s an easy solution when you get a dog don’t worry about what breed it is just go to your local shelter and get yourself a little puppy mutt he will be happy healthy and one hundred percent all natural dog.

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