Engagement Ring With Diamond – Is It Worth It


You’ve made me the happiest man in the world will you marry me? How sweet you like it so you’re putting a ring on it but if you ever wondered why we put diamond rings on things we like it all. Oh god you’re gonna tell us the awful truth about engagement rings aren’t you. You may think of the diamond engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love but it turns out this ancient tradition was invented less than a century ago by the De Beers diamond corporation.

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Before the nineteen thirties nobody exchange diamond rings when they got engaged it wasn’t a thing but in 1938 the De Beers diamond cartel launched a massive ad campaign claiming that the only way for a real man to show his love is an expensive hunk of crystallized carbon and we bought that item. In fact every element of the traditional American engagement was designed to make more money for De Beers how much to drop on that rock.

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This has got to be the most successful ad campaign of all time. This is like in 50 years people were going honey the same thing again I know that old rules people in the morning pizza in the evening pizza in the supper time when pizzas on a bagel must eat pizza all the time. Well it’s not like I’m throwing my money away I mean at least the ring is worth something. Actually diamonds are intrinsically worthless well maybe you believe De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer who once said quote diamonds are intrinsically worthless. In fact they’re quite common the only reason times or even expensive is that De Beers has a global monopoly on diamond mining and they artificially restrict the supply to soar the prices up but in reality those people have  ton of them. These means that diamond you just blew your savings on has virtually no resale value that’s why De Beers wants you to think a diamond is forever if you never try to sell it you’ll never figure out how badly you got fucked. Fine so what do we do about it. nothing they’ve got us by the balls

seo northern ireland

A century of advertising has embedded the idea of a diamond engagement ring so deeply in our culture that even knowing all that doesn’t get you out of buying an engagement ring. So are you going to break the culture or are you just gonna enjoy your girlfriend with true love not with material things. The choose is yours.


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