Reason to Play Video Games

It helps dyslexics, dyslexia is a widely used name for disorders involve trouble reading writing memory detainment and general brain functionality dyslexia is much more common than most would think with approximately ten percent of the population having some form of it of course. The severity of dyslexia is different for everyone with some common symptoms including difficulty spelling difficulty understanding punctuation difficulty understanding audio and visual cues dyslexia is commonly treated through long hours of practice with reading writing or speech there and just to keep in mind these lessons aren’t cheap.



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Usually costing parents thousands of dollars a year but recent studies show that there may be a better cheaper and more enjoyable way of treating it recent studies have actually shown the games particularly action games have helped dyslexic children react quicker to audio and visual stimulation.
And skyrocketed reading rates in a test performed Alex for the University dyslexic children are recently played an action game had a quicker response time reading rate and we’re more attentive in class the best runner video games for dyslexics are active games like WII sports.  Games like Scrabble and pretty much any action game that requires quick thinking number nine distraction school got you down and parents fighting trouble with siblings have you recently read the communist manifesto and are now too depressed about the inequality of capitalism function. No problem video games are here for you why were able to school work when you can worry about the political fate of Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia or the ethics of synthetic humans and follow force Commonwealth or the fate of tubs arteries in neck.

Soon I mean like seriously it’s probably on the verge of stroke by now jokes aside video games providing excellent distraction from life events and like any other distraction video games have been found to reduce stress. And if you ever get around to putting them down boost productivity in creative thinking puzzle and strategy games have proven the top the list and distractibility but oddly enough they also topped the list in terms of addictiveness. So play but don’t play too much the best runners for distracting our puzzle games that can you crash strategy games like civilization and mind-numbing games like liquor heroes.

The sociability don’t misinterpret this one you know we’re not in any way saying spending eight hours a day in front of a computer screen playing video games while making social in fact current cultural evidence proving excessively playing video games is detrimental to real-world social interactions. But at the same time not saying the video games will completely robbed you of social interaction either like any hobby video games provide a new source of social opportunities. Like the game clubs land parties online play and of course long arguments over your favorite characters but consists of social interaction is up to you some would say being social means going out with friends to movies or parts but others could defend the online gaming friendships are just as important and.  No we’re not talking about some dating simulator and on the Xbox dashboard the only difference is how you think about it besides which is better going up to a club and buying $14 shots or staying home blasting zombies with friends either way some great co-op games are at the Saints Row serious GTA series Borderlands 2 or pretty much any FPS MMO that you like.


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It teaches about consequences have you ever played a game and come to a tough choice do I save NPC a or MPC B side with the Stormcloaks for the Imperials. Do I choose the cholesterol filled bacon omelet or the high Carb Belgian waffle? Regardless of the players morals political ideology or even the situation actions have consequences for children this isn’t always quite office how do you teach a child consequences well the obvious choices to take them into the room and just be the show. I mean have a stern conversation I no wrongdoing and then send them to the room or in favor of that consider the effect that choice in video games. Have on developing or even fully developed minds video games that incorporate choices are usually set up with lovable characters and harsh settings choices can be as simple as a progression of conversation. What weapon you grab or even as hard as choosing who lives and who dies no matter the severity of the choice they’re always unfavorable outcomes just had to say that snarky remark about the waitresses.

More well now you’ve missed out on important information that you would have me to say father now we said in the Communist substance plunge the world into chaos. The joke was pretty funny wasn’t it some good games for learning about consequences are the Mass Effect series like the strange and pretty much anything by Telltale Games.  Sense teaches problem solving skills and gaming it’s not too uncommon for players to come to a problem which the player my soul this could be as simple as figuring out how to unlock a door reaching a door or even to feeding a difficult boss.

Either way most problems will involve the player having to use their brain or something or another problems like he’s actually have proven have real-life effects you know how going back and be playing game usually makes it easier.  That’s because you have already solved every problem there is to solve you already know the answers these skills translate into real life – as evidence by study conducted by Florida State University in the study test subjects. Who are more prone to playing video games displayed an attention span and significantly improved problem solving skills video games provide challenging problems player who must quickly discover adapt and improve their skills. As they progress in layman’s terms video games train our brain by steadily increasing the difficulty which in turn encourages players to solve problems quicker and increasingly unique ways the best honors for training your problem solving skills are FPS is like Call of Duty. Puzzle games like Tetris and strategy games like civilization number five determination skipping over the undertake joke video games are one of the best sources of determination students feel determined to do good in school because they want good grades workers feel determined to work because they want a promotion.  Gamers feel determined to be a game because well they want to it’s just the principle head that’s it they can put down the game grab another one never looked back and nothing would have changed there is no reason for them to be determined but they don’t start angry commenting just yet.

We don’t mean that there’s no point playing video games were just saying that all in all being determined to be a difficult boss or level isn’t back by any form of obligation it is truly pure determination of play determination to finish determination to stand up and both the edicts this battletoads.  Nobody beats battletoads usually determination for one pass can be easily transferred to another task like school work or their jobs. Well that is if they ever get around to put in the controller down anyway some good games I’ll keep you determined our Undertale battletoads ghosts and goblins and of course dark souls number four word learning culture / history what video games educational yep and enriching the majority of games are seven worlds other than our own there are a fair.

There are seven key store parts of our own world’s history and while they may not follow our timeline to a team they are usually still fully packed with historical content and fax a prime example of this is the assassins creed series in which the player travels to various time periods through the memories of his ancestors well that’s not exactly right but for our purposes it’s close enough series has long been credited for the historical accuracy. And immersion well for the most part they’ve been a little spotty on bias and not any more than American history. So was good anyway the game seek to immerse players in the designated time and are actually fairly good at working historical facts into the game though players really realizing it some gaming magazines have actually gone as far to say that’s an excellent game to play.

Before history test to refresh your memory of course there are many other games to teach history besides Assassin’s Creed like the Total War series and civilization series. Button sits case only the wonders themselves are historically accurate saying the Queen Elizabeth built the pyramids in 1952 and the Egyptians built everything else in less than a thousand years will not get you a passing grade.

No disappointment you ever lost the game baseball or any other game which involves a winner and a loser you probably know the feeling that losing really sucks not only is it disappointing it’s discouraging to say the least sports site the competitive edge sites that competitors who repeatedly lose competitions are three times more likely to never play in those competitions again. This makes sense is after months of training and practicing leads two nothing but disappointment it’s all but two easy to just throw in the towel and stop playing video games provide an excellent source of competition.

It much disappointment in real life you’ll train for months and prospect of a game but in video games like Call of Duty you learn by playing practicing competing can score the highest in the game no problem you can try again. In two minutes while the server changes lobbies the fact that more and more games are always available immediately actually finish provides the perfect competitive experience had no real disappointment factor.  Some great series with quick competitive matches are battlefield call the duty and of course halo. It has a confidence-boosting games have been proven to boost confidence and to decrease confidence and to do really nothing at all in relation of confidence he’ll researching pretty much anything related to live video games are good for you leads to nothing about contradictions.

It somehow repeals and angry forum posts luckily it’s fairly easy to pinpoint the effects of video games on confidence by just using it out of common sense liking the video parent effects of video games Barry’s heavily based on for example sports heavily rely on physical strength. But well I guess the sport – and unless you count the muscles need to lift the chest piece you really don’t need much strength but likewise playing single player games like solitaire won’t boost your confidence. Just as building games like Minecraft won’t help you build two halves what has been proven to boost confidence is multiplayer games like World of Warcraft,  counter-strike and even god damn competitive tic-tac-toe with teamspeak what matters is human interaction.

You’ve probably experienced some form of confidence boosting were playing online you hop into a game text chats going nuts people are screaming at each other and voice chat you just stay silent but eventually start using the voice chat or text chat slowly ease into being social. And interacting and there you go you build confidence don’t really need to suggest in game series play something fun that will get you talking to strangers number one this reaction time probably one of the most cited benefits of gaming. The link between reaction time in video games has long since been proven and it’s been proven for a reason it’s completely logical reaction time is a skill probably one of the most important skills for a hammer to have a trademark ability of professional players.

Who need instantaneous reaction times in order to properly react enemy movements and strategy according to government documents from the NCBI yep that’s the national center for biotech information training your reaction time by playing video games and high speed up yes games causes reaction speeds – absolutely skyrocketed and with virtually no loss of accuracy ever wondered why experienced players are better than newbies. It’s a mix of strategy in game knowledge and the ability to react quickly and accurately strategy and memorization of the maps and cold he won’t help you outside of the game faster reaction times are beneficial sports work and even conversation some series that will definitely increase your reaction time or any FPS game like counter-strike call duty difficult skill intensive games like dark souls or blood-borne even simple games like Tetris and snake.

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Recycled Building Materials

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First up today, we want to talk about focusing less on the app’s around smart home automation and more on the APIs. API, it is the central issue that everybody has to really grapple with if you want to get into anything tech. An API, that is application program interface, that it’s really about how devices connect with other platforms. So when we’re looking at Apple’s home kit, when were looking at Google web, Amazon has Echo with Alexa. That is an API protocol and how the devices are actually speaking to other applications. And it’s either one or the other, or, there are some very smart manufacturers that are really trying to get ahead of the game and beyond all platforms, and beyond their own app as well. One of those manufacturers that we’ve talked about is Phillips. With their Hugh lighting system. Very cool. They decided, let’s be on Apple home kit, let’s be with google, and let’s be with amazon alexa. They even have their own dedicated app if you don’t want to work with one of them. So it’s really Universal and that’s kind of the answer I think we all need to get to universal use. So because we don’t want to be in one or the other, or maybe we can buy this next thing, or maybe we can wait too confusing.


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So the next article thing we’re looking at today is some interesting information coming out of Columbia they have a couple on key issues, that they’re trying to achieve with this particular product innovation. One is, Colombia has a large amount of plastic that is going into the landfills, that they need to figure out something to do it. They also have an issue with affordable housing. This company which is Columbia, it’s a plastics company out of Columbia have found a way to recycle that plastic into lego like building blocks. I think it’s a really clever idea. Now whether it works in the US, without US building standards remains to be seen. But the idea of taking a problem and making it a win-win perfect.


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So the final article that we’re bringing out today is around a new technology, that is taking solar panels and marrying those with an older alternative energy source that hasn’t really caught on yet, but the idea of fuel cell. So it’s taking the solar energy, and using that to create hydrogen for fuel Celtic. You need to start upload basically, and actually I’ve done quite a bit of research. In fact, that I’ve met the people from bloom energy who are really first and foremost in the whole fuel cell technology arena. They were able to bring fuel cell technology costs down to a point that it’s now really a good choice for the commercial arena. I have talked to them many times trying to kind of pull them into the residential world because I think it will be a slam dunk there. But right now the cost to benefit ratio is not quite there for the residential world. But you go into large distribution areas, you look at Fedex distribution centers, Google, ebay, you know, big office building distribution facilities, they can be run and they are run on bloom energy fuel cell technology. It is a great way to go so they do need startup loads, and that’s what that solar component adds to it basically. Watch bloom energy, I think there’s more to come here I’m hoping anyway.

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Do You Know Secret About Wine

Alright ladies, would you like to see our wine list? That sounds perfect. Yes, let’s talk about wine. There are so many. How am I supposed to choose? Have you ever noticed that when it’s time to choose a wine, none of us feel like we know what we’re doing? Since we can’t taste the wines before we buy them, we’reforced to pick just based on the label. This one has a frog wearing a hat, so I bet that tastes like… mossy?

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And even when we do taste them, we doubt our own opinions. This one’s full… bodied? Are you sure? No, what is a wine body? Yeah, this is clearly wet. So we defer to the opinions of so-called wine experts. Perhaps I can be of some assistance, ladies. Tell us what tastes good. I’ve been pretending this whole time.


But the truth is, everyone is pretending because even thoughwine connoisseurs want us to believe that their ratings are objective. That one’s fit to drink, that is cheap swill, and that is a bottle of ketchup and they have supernatural powers of wine discernment.

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Tastes like it was a very cold summer that year. And, uh…the vendor’s wife was pregnant. Hold on. With a girl. Here’s the big secret wine experts can’t tell the difference either. I beg to differ, sir. My palate is incredibly refined. Well, Frederic Brochet of the University of Bordeaux would say otherwise. He conducted a series of tests on unsuspecting wine experts, but for the sake of TV, let’s call them wine pranks.


In the first test, 54 wine connoisseurs were asked to compare a red and a white wine. Should be pretty easy. The red is juicy and robust. They’re actually the same wine. Half of the bottles were just white wine dyed red and none of the participants could tell.


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In another test, experts were sked to compare two different bottles. One, an expensive Grand Cru, and the other, a cheap table wine. The Grand Cru. Complex. Very, very interesting. I shall be returning to the Grand Cru. It’s light. It’s flat. It’s pretty much what you’d expect.  Oh, that’s interesting, because once again, they’re the same wine.


Oh, you got wine pranked, All right. You’ve convinced me.All wine is terrible and it tastes the same. No, wine is wonderful and of course, wines taste different. It’s just totally subjective, like all foods. We don’t need sandwich experts because we know what we like.


Peanut butter and sardines. What, they’re both healthy fats.And it’s what I like. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter because there’s no objective truth to what tastes best. We think of wine as a high-class item only accessible by high-class people, but it’s just tasty fermented grapes. So you know what? Forget the snobs, take risks and drink what tastes good to you.


Engagement Ring With Diamond – Is It Worth It

You’ve made me the happiest man in the world will you marry me? How sweet you like it so you’re putting a ring on it but if you ever wondered why we put diamond rings on things we like it all. Oh god you’re gonna tell us the awful truth about engagement rings aren’t you. You may think of the diamond engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love but it turns out this ancient tradition was invented less than a century ago by the De Beers diamond corporation.

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Before the nineteen thirties nobody exchange diamond rings when they got engaged it wasn’t a thing but in 1938 the De Beers diamond cartel launched a massive ad campaign claiming that the only way for a real man to show his love is an expensive hunk of crystallized carbon and we bought that item. In fact every element of the traditional American engagement was designed to make more money for De Beers how much to drop on that rock.

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This has got to be the most successful ad campaign of all time. This is like in 50 years people were going honey the same thing again I know that old rules people in the morning pizza in the evening pizza in the supper time when pizzas on a bagel must eat pizza all the time. Well it’s not like I’m throwing my money away I mean at least the ring is worth something. Actually diamonds are intrinsically worthless well maybe you believe De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer who once said quote diamonds are intrinsically worthless. In fact they’re quite common the only reason times or even expensive is that De Beers has a global monopoly on diamond mining and they artificially restrict the supply to soar the prices up but in reality those people have  ton of them. These means that diamond you just blew your savings on has virtually no resale value that’s why De Beers wants you to think a diamond is forever if you never try to sell it you’ll never figure out how badly you got fucked. Fine so what do we do about it. nothing they’ve got us by the balls

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A century of advertising has embedded the idea of a diamond engagement ring so deeply in our culture that even knowing all that doesn’t get you out of buying an engagement ring. So are you going to break the culture or are you just gonna enjoy your girlfriend with true love not with material things. The choose is yours.


Reason Tipping Is Not Advantage For Service Provider

Right now you probably hate me for even daring to question the custom of tipping, yeah but why? Bear with me I think you’ll agree that tipping is a custom we’d be better off without. I’ll go here with your family here. first let’s get one thing straight if you live in America you have to tip. Servers here rely on tipping to make a living and as long as that’s true if you don’t do it you’re an asshole but just because that the system we have doesn’t mean it’s a good system and tipping is a custom that short change servers inconvenience as customers and makes the dining experience worse for everyone.

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First ask yourself this why is it our responsibility to pay the restaurants employees humanely. Why don’t we just pay you a normal amount of money and make the food more expensive I mean that’s what every business is done since the dawn of time. When you buy a pair of jeans they’re just 50 bucks they’re not like that’ll be forty dollars and you decided the stock boy eats tonight.

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The fact is tipping is a relatively new custom in America for most of our history paying for better service was considered an undemocratic form of bribery. Serve me before this rabble will you I’m a very wealthy man I shall sir. This is America where every man has the right to decent service but after prohibition banned the sale of alcohol restaurant profits cater and owners began encouraging tipping just so they could pay their servers less.

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Nearly a century later restaurant owners still pay their servers less than minimum weight turning what used to be a bride into an obligation that makes the end of every meal suck. Unless your idea of a good time is doing math and being lectured by your friends twenty percent of 138 is the same as double ten percent which. Obviously you’ve never worked in the service industry I always tip at least 60 because I care whether or not our waitress starve to  death. If I give better service I get a bigger tip actually you don’t a study at Cornell University found that the real reasons people to more or less are basically random and that customers to receive great service tip on average just one percent more than customers who don’t. None of this stress is necessary in most cultures nobody tips and everyone still gets their food on time. The only difference is they’re winners get a steady income and no one has to argue about the bill and don’t tip on the tax what you always did want to tax I never give up on the tax. Ever since I was a kid I never tip on the tax.



Information Regarding Hymen – Truth Revealed

What’s a hymen? Tt’s a bit of girl  that covers the vaginal area until she has sex. Yes, a freshness seal. Do not consume if opened. Yeah, that’s what a lot of people think. People picture the hymen like it’s one of those paper banners at a sports game. They think it covers up a lady’s vagina, and then when she has sex for the first time,it gets busted. Seems pretty accurate. Yep, let’s go play video games. No, you don’t. Everything about that is wrong.


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Ok, think about it, if our hymen’s completely sealed our vaginas, where would our periods go? I mean, we’d blow up like the blueberry girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh yea, and where would you pee? You know we don’t pee out of our vaginas, right? We pee out of our urethras.  Which is a separate hole. And our school district is very underfunded. So that’s how many holes total? The hymen is actually a thin, stretchy bit around the vagina. In most women, our hymens have an o

pening that’s big enough for tampons, fingers, and yes, gettin’ busy.


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But it’s not like a barrier. It’s more like a  balloon arch. Ok, but doesn’t the hymen break the first time you have sex? Like doesn’t it hurt? It doesn’t have to. It might if you’re not careful with it.  But, it can also tear from doing the splits, or just living our lives. Even then, hymens can heal. And a lot of them never even get torn in the first place. One study found that 52% of sexually active teenage women had intact hymens. The hymen as you understand it is a straight up myth. Ok, Emily, are you sure about that? Maybe you should call in an expert. that’s a good call.

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Our bodies don’t come with built in virginity detectors, and sex isn’t supposed to hurt the first time. But this horrible idea is everywhere in our culture.  Even the New York Times gets it wrong. The Times knows more about regional politics in Finland than the female body. Honestly, the worse part is the word daddy. Yea, that is inappropriate. It gets way worse than band names. In some parts of the world, women are forced to show government officials that their hymen is intact. If they don’t, they can be denied jobs, barred from making rape accusations, even thrown in jail. I know that this is usually the point where you do some cute visual gag. Yeah, virginity exams are straight up sexual assault, and they don’t even prove anything because the hymen doesn’t work that way. Physically speaking, virginity doesn’t exist. It’s just something we made up to be mean to women, I learned something. That felt great.



Minding Your Relationship With Smartphone

I want to talk to you today about an addiction, one that many of us share but we usually ignore and. I’m speaking about the smartphone addiction. A year ago, I was working for a startup. We developed an iphone application to try to get you the best videos from all around the web. We wanted to make people entertain and happy and excited during the day but we also wanted to make some money. And we knew that the best way to make some money is, if as many people as possible, we’ll use the application for his many minutes a day. So I signed up for this workshop which was all about how to get people hooked to your app. They showed us how with negative emotions like being lonely, or bored, or dissatisfied, you can use them as internal triggers and get people try your app and then stay there for as long as possible. In the middle of the workshop, something changed in me, I raised my head, I looked around me, and I saw 80 other people sharing the same goal I have, “get people hooked” to their apps. And I started to feel uncomfortable. And that was because me, I’m smart phonetic myself. So this is how my morning is used to look like waking up, turning off the alarm clock and then dealing with dozens of notifications, what’s up, Facebook, Instagram, email, working email from my boss, my colleagues, etc. And then an hour later I find myself still in bed, in my boxer shorts, in a very uncomfortable posture, my teeth are not brushed, I didn’t have a shower, coffee yet. What is going on? So I decided I need to change and it came up with this project and digitize me which is all about raising awareness to smartphone addiction. I then started to collect some data. I wanted to see other people have the same problems like I do, and I found that indeed they do.

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Well apparently, most of us, well the average user, is checking his smartphone at least 110 times a day. And in Stanford, they found out the three quarters of the students said, they would rather forget the wallet than their iphone when they go out of the home. And the same around of people said they are falling asleep with their phone. But it’s not just about me and my phone, it’s also a social thing right? Pacific Bell Wireless, a big phone company back in 1999 did the survey. They asked people if they find it rude to use phone in public. More than ninety percent said they find it really rude to use the phone in restaurants, at the dinner, at the movies, in the classroom, well where everyone else is. But now several years later, it became so common for people to use the phone around others. Actually, we already have a special word for it, it’s called “Phubbing”. It’s when you snub someone who sits next to you or in front of you or maybe even talking to you by using your phone. So I wanted to know, Is it a real addiction? Can we call it an addiction? Because you could say this is just a lot of use. Apparently there are some similarities between the smartphone addiction to other addictions, for example, when a smoker can’t get his cigarette, he feel stressful, he feels anxious. It’s the same for an alcoholic who can’t get his drink. And apparently we feel stressed when we can’t get our phone on or when our battery’s about to die. You probably know this feeling. And a research done in Australia, among three thousand people under the age of 30 found that nine out of every ten admit to feel this anxiety while having his battery dying. I have two amazing nephews, they are three and eight years old. And as the technologist, I love watching them growing, pinching, scrolling, swiping, hitting the touch screen even taking selfies before they knew how to read. But I also couldn’t help to wonder, is there a cost to it? And apparently there is.

seo northern ireland

There are multiple studies showing relations between development of kids and things who happened to our brain. Apparently over use of screens can really lead to loss of tissue volume in the gray matter areas in our brains specifically in a place called the front lobe. This is a place where our cross’s sync functions happened. Things like prioritizing, planning, and everything else we used to call, we needed for, get things done. A different area affected is the insula. This is where the kid is learning how to create empathy and compassion for others. But it’s not just the kids right? What about the parents? In Boston Medical, they went to observe some parents with their kids in fast food restaurants the US. They watch a lot of families eating dinner together and they saw that so many parents are looking at your phone while dining with their kids. One third of them was constantly on the phone. And what happened when a parent glued to his phone was interrupted by a kid, by his kid, usually it was a negative reaction. I tried to understand why are we so addicted? What is going on with us? And I found some more relations. One research found in Harvard Psychology Department is showing that sharing information about ourselves, like we like to do through the smartphone, activates the same part in our brain that is related to pleasure, the same pleasure we get from getting money, eating food, or even having sex. And another thing is our fear to miss out. We are so afraid we’re missing out so we use the Facebook page newsfeed, and the Instagram newsfeed  and Twitter to see what others are doing. But actually what we are is we’re missing out on the real world, on reality. AVG study from the US discovered that fifty-seven percent of women would rather give up sex than their Smartphone for a week. And in the UK, a different study shows that around the same percentage, admitted that they are checking their smart phones while having sex. I also notice that I don’t day dream anymore because in every spare second I’m on my phone. I don’t look out the window anymore, I don’t sit under the trees, but history is full of high achievers, day dreamers like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. And we so love to imagine how Newton sit under the tree or Einstein looked out the other window, and this is the moment where they had their best ideas. And indeed we can see that it is has to do a lot with creativity and daydreaming is not just about creativity it’s also about our memory.


seo northern ireland

Research found that in order to store memories into long-term memories, there is a two-step process. In the first step that brings taking the new impressions and store it in a temporal place but then in order to take this and move it to a long-term memory, we need to let our brain rest and this is what we do when we daydream. All these studies made me really think, I need to make a change, I need to start raise awareness and make people speak about it. So I asked my friends what are the moments in your life you would rather put your phone down, you would rather put it aside. And then I take a few pictures of them, after five pictures I took, something overwhelming happened. My email started to fill up with more than 500 photos within two weeks of other people wanting to participate in the campaign and not just from Israel also from all around the world. Volunteers joint and help me and we started to get dozens of emails of people telling us amazing stories and the best story I would never forget is one that I got from an Australian guy. This Australian guy told me how he’s 14 years old daughter is getting in the room seeing him and his wife looking at the smartphone totally ignoring her, and she tells them mom, dad,  this is so unsocial. So he decided from then on that in dinner time, no one is using the phone for two hours. And he wrote me so excited how our campaign really changed him.
The next thing I wanted to do is something about the little kids so I partnered with a psycho therapist working with kids to create a book for kids who are addicted to the screens. But it’s not a book was supposed to scare the kids or tell them to not use the smartphones anymore or any screen. It’s a book to encourage them to go out and look at the world and see how amazing and beautiful the world is out there. Well for sure our biggest event was on last March that was the day and night of unplugging.

A few years ago, there was a new tradition in the US, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, small groups started to celebrate one day of unplugging for a year. For 24 hours we put the smartphone somewhere else and we just enjoy whatever there. So I and my Psycho therapist partner decided that we must get it to Tel Aviv and make it the biggest event ever. And so we did, for two months we want all over to the Tel Aviv convincing people to join us, but actually we didn’t have to convince. The feedback was so good, we had yoga studios, coffee shops, and the best bars in Tel Aviv not allowing people to get with their smart phones inside their businesses that day. They also miss the time when people really actually used to engage with each other. We learned a lot in the day of unplugging. 24 hours is enough time for someone to get out of the anxiety and really start to connect back to real life. But I must say if you think I’m against technology or against the smartphone, you didn’t get me right. The smartphone is an amazing device, it’s a magical device, I’m in love with it not just as a device but also as a technologist. And there are also amazing applications who are really positive they can help me grow habits like a diet, meditation, running, and so on. It’s doing so much good to science but having said that, we still know that the changes we’ve seen in the last few years are nothing compared to what we are going to face in the next decade or two. We get starting to get really commercial. Now cooperating with the popular eyewear brand, the Ray Ban and google has a patent pending which is that for a contact lens you can really use by blinking. And what about wearable technology, clothes, watches, this is the big trend. So eventually technology will be embedded in our physical bodies and our future can be even more hectic and less relaxed than what we do today unless we make a change. And I do not want to speak about unplugging, I want to speak about a diet. Some apps reminds me junk food but other applications are like healthy organic food and just like we became aware to what we eat, we need to become aware to what and how much we consume. The Western world has so many cases of diabetes and then we decided to start educating our kids and ourselves about sugar balance right. So why can’t we do it for the digital diet. And it’s up to me and you to start thinking about it and understand how this digital diet is about to look like so let’s start with today.

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History of Purebred Dog or Just A Common Dog

Our so-called purebred dogs riddled with genetic disease but dog breeds aren’t even a real thing. We made them up, we talked about dog breeds as though nature created them that way and as though mutt is a just a mix of different pure breeds.
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In fact mutts or dogs in their natural healthy states and pure breeding is a form of genetic manipulation humans made up just to amuse ourselves. Outside of a few traditional working dogs ninety percent of all dog breeds were created in just the last 100 years. In 19th century Victoria in England eugenics was all the rage and competitive dog breeding became a fad among the wealthy.  After these dr. Frankenstein’s and played God for a while they declare their weird little monster in pure breed and that’s all of purebred dog is it’s totally arbitrary. We have a pure breed that that means like a good healthy dog?

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When you hear purebred you should thank in-bred. Kennel club’s prohibit purebred dogs from ever meeting outside their breed and often make them with their own parents and siblings. One study found that 10,000 pugs have the same genetic diversity as 50 individuals making it as in-breed as an Austrian Duke. All of this in breeding means that the average purebred dog is sicker than well the dog. Sixty percent of golden retrievers died of cancer, a third of King Charles Spaniels have skulls that are too small for their brains. Great Danes are so huge that their hearts can support their bodies and well and this little tiny dogs.

Have you ever seen a little tiny dog that looked happy they know there’s something wrong with them and they know that we did it to them and now we come to the bulldog. He is so cute, yeah he is if you find total genetic failure cute, a hundred years ago the Bulldog was a proud breed but a century of inbreeding has ruined them their noses are so squashed that can barely breathe their heads are so big they can only give birth by cesarean section. Their tails can become ingrown they basically all have hip dysplasia and their average life expectancy is six years.

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Let’s face it these dogs shouldn’t even be alive the sad part is kennel club’s could cure all of the Bulldogs problems if they just allowed them to crossbreed but they won’t because then they might not look like the cute little Bulldogs everyone loves but our insistence that these dogs live up to our arbitrary standards is causing them to get sick and die.

As much as you love the Bulldog the fact that it exists at all is borderline animal abuse. Look there’s an easy solution when you get a dog don’t worry about what breed it is just go to your local shelter and get yourself a little puppy mutt he will be happy healthy and one hundred percent all natural dog.

Is Ipad Good For Our Kids

A little over 10 years ago I was a technology reporter at The New York Times and I was supposed to be looking at how technology was affecting education and family life. So you might think least i thought that that meant that I knew how technology would affect children until I actually had children. When I was working on a book about how media affects children and if it looks in the picture like they are concocting some sort of plan to keep me from writing my book then you would be right but as I watched my kids using technology as hard to have so many questions in fact before they were even this young when they were babies I was starting to have some serious questions about what i thought at the time was a pretty simple technology. The TV screen and they were looking at the screen and they were just babies do they understand what they were seeing on it.

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Those people that were showing up on the screen that they get that these were like maybe three people who represent what was happening in real life. The sounds that came out of the TV set do they understand those sounds that they know that those were words. The way they seem to understand what was coming out of my mouth I mean honestly I just wanted to know was it bad for them to be looking at the screen. Is it going to affect their attention span or where they actually trying to learn something from it. So I decided to find out I immersed myself in child development research that a lot of media researchers interview cognitive scientists met with families in their homes.


I was really trying to understand the world through my children’s eyes but I think I was also trying to get at how we as human beings have come to understand the world through the screen and I’m doing this because let’s face it you know this thing the screen it has some real power over us. It’s got a hold on us not just because it’s a great disseminator of talks that it is but it’s really a storyteller. You know a reflection of reality but also a spinner of fantasy and it took us a while as a society to understand what the screen meant to us in fact it took almost twenty years if you look at this graph which is growth in TV ownership from this very earliest aid days that that TVs were commercially available. You see that it wasn’t until about nineteen sixty one when the FCC chairman of the time Newton Minow gave a speech about what he considered kind of pretty rotten content on TV he called that speech “The Vast Wasteland” and it wasn’tuntil after that that producers of programing started to look at how to actually create something for children.

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So it wasn’t until after that we got Mister rogers neighborhood and sesame street or creating children’s content that actually was aimed to help them learn something I should say. So what’s interesting now is that we are at another really pivotal moment we have in our handsmost of us these days this thing called a smartphone our screen is now portable we have it with us and I’m wondering are we going to have that in the same delayed national conversation about what this screen means to the development of our children and maybe I’m channeling anxious parents out there everywhere when i say i really hope we can take a different path this time.


Let’s not have such a long-delayed national conversation but to do that we really first have to understand how children understand the screen and this is where there’s a lot of assumptions that we make so we adults think kids are seeing what we’re seeing but it turns out that they need to have first a real story of background knowledge they have to have gone through life to understand things the way that we adults understand them right.  Here’s what here’s a study that will give you a little bit of a sense of it i like to call it the popcorn study and it was done in the nineteen seventies researchers brought a bunch of three-year-old into a room put them in front of a television set and on the TV set there was a photograph of a bowl of popcorn. The researchers asked the kids if I were to pick up this television set and turn it over with the popcorn fall out. Yes the kids said, their four year olds who are writing letters to Mister Rogers and they were asking Mr. Rogers how did you get into my TV set.


There’s a young viewer of Sesame Street who once declared I know that big bird is not real it’s just a costume and there’s just a plain bird inside. Yeah so we know who the kids are seeing things a little differently than we might be seeing them. Does that mean they’re not learning anything from it. So it turns out that there’s some really good studies on preschool TV that are showing us that yes actually children can learn from television at pretty young ages but we need to be looking at is the content on the screen. So we know from these studies that we really want to look for basically the same aspects we look for in a preschool teacher we want to find someone on screen is warm and engaging someone who might repeat something a couple times because you kinda if you have children you know you got to kind of say things more than once. You certainly want to give a chance to pause the chance for children to react to what they’re seeing on the screen.



You don’t want any violence or aggression because children especially at very young ages are going to imitate whatever they see. Right so we have a pretty good sense of now of what good content looks like what we don’t necessarily know with how young you can go and this is where kind of scientists and media researchers are focusing their attention now and they’re looking at the age of about 24 months something’s going on around 24 months 30 months of age and children’s brains and they’re in their growth and development.


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I want to tell you about a study that was done at Georgetown University in their children’s digital media center they are by a woman named Alexis Laura cell and she now is at Northwestern University and she’s been trying to figure out how toddlers understand the screen. So she set up a study with two and a half year old children on some three-year-olds as well and in it she showed them a video that actually Nick jr. had created that was of Puppets hiding in a laundry room and so as you see on the screen behind me there’s a laundry room that’s been set up and there’s these three little puppets in the bottom of the screen and this video was set up to have these puppets go hiding behind that laundry basket are hiding behind the scenes that were hanging there. The researchers created a complete replica of what was on that screen and that’s what you’re seeing behind us that replica and then they brought children in and they had three conditions in one condition the two and a half year old and the three years old watch the video play out of where these puppets were hiding. In another condition the kids watch but they actually interacted with what they were seeing it was a computer game where they had to press a button to make something happen to see where the puppets were hiding and then the third condition they watch the live action but they watched it through a window that was cut out to be the same shape as the TV screen and then they unleash the kids after they had seen this into the real room and they said show me where the puppets are. Guess what those two and a half year old who just watch the video they did not know where to go they do not know what to look for as if they hadn’t really seen what was happening or somehow haven’t processed fully what was happening on the video. The kids that have watched the live demonstration they knew exactly made a beeline know exactly where to find those puppets. Here’s what’s interesting as well this ones who have that kind of computer game experience those kids acted like the kids would see the live demonstration they knew where to go to find the puppets. So that 24 month mark 38, 30-month pretty interesting time  in terms of what children might be learning from the screen and how they can apply it and that particular study I just told you about is one that app developers love because there’s a lot of apps out there for preschoolers and they’re thinking that’s it we just need interactivity and children will be able to learn.


Well let me show you something else to give us a little bit of a pause here so this this is a video I found on YouTube of a little boy is probably a year or year and a half years old and he’s and he is playing the talking Tom, the app talking Tom.  Now tell me raise your hand if you have heard of talking Tom many of you have. This is an app that has been downloaded millions and millions of times. This is basically a cat on a screen who’s repeating back everything that you said. Now I watch this and I’m like oh my gosh if there is any example of how much we as human beings from our earliest years want someone to like react to us this is it right but there’s also something a little troubling about this because we know from the brain science and there’s a lot more of it now on how children learn and develop that children learn from a conversation even at younger ages before they even can learn to talk. They learned by having a back-and-forth interaction with someone this hate to say it but this was not a conversation.


So this is the kind of thing that just makes you wonder wait a second you know how much do we want to to make sure that we have interactions with our children when they’re around the media? We have some studies from an older type of technology called the children’s picture book and in these studies we have learned that you need to help children not just hear the words that are written on the page but to actually understand the story can interact with kids talk to them about what they’re seeing on the page. Ask them questions about it and it turns out and this is where the good news is for those of us who are surrounded by screen media with our children it turns out that there are some hints now that this same logic applies to using screen media with young children as well. Thinking about that media the same way we think about using children’s books and picture books with young kids. So to me all of this kind of tells me all right there’s some things we can know we know now. The 3 c’s basically are where we are we need to focus on the content on the screen, the context how were interacting with children around that media and making sure that they have good interactions when they’re not with the media and then the child. Our children we understand our kids we know what’s going to delight them. No what kinds of questions they might ask around and we need to just tune in to understand and see what they understand from it but I am also not so naïve.

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Just to think that we just need to give parents the 3 c’s and all will be well and will avoid some sort of new vast wasteland out there. These days I am at the New America Foundation where I focus on how to scale up learning environments for young children and make sure that they have what they need especially kids who might be growing up in struggling families and of course for focusing on preschool access and better child care quality and affordable childcare better public schools but what if we were in the middle of all that add something else so here’s what I want to ask today. What if we were to commit to ensure that every family with young children had access to a medium mentor this could be someone like a children’s librarian a child care professional a preschool teacher even parents themselves.


We have the power to talk with our kids about what they’re seeing to understand the media and new ways with them to help them see how it might relate to the outside world to help them look up from the media and do some activities in the kitchen and go out to the backyard and and google for treasure on we can learn from the media and then apply that outside. My kids today they’re nine and eleven years old and they have screens all around them. I think about the world that they’re growing up and I think about this next generation that’s coming up behind them. I want our kids today to have people around them who are interacting with them while they’re interacting with the media even at their youngest ages.